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This section presents the dissemination materials (brochures, newsletters, posters, etc.) and public reports produced by HORTI-GREEN Project.

targeted at MSMEs

Name of the publicationDescriptionLink
General Brochure Brochure of HORTI-GREEN Project Link
Brochure 1 for MSMEs Brochure of HORTI-GREEN Project targeted at MSMEs Link
Presentation General presentation of HORTI-GREEN Project Link
Newsletter 1 First newsletter of the HORTI-GREEN Project Link
Poster Poster of the HORTI-GREEN project Link
Brochure 2 for MSMEs Brochure on energy efficiency targeted at MSMEs Link
Brochure 3 for MSMEs Brochure on data records and renewable energy targeted at MSMEs Link
Newsletter 2 Second newsletter of the HORTI-GREEN Project Link
Brochure 4 for MSMEs Brochure on water efficiency targeted at MSMEs Link
Brochure 5 for MSMEs Brochure on the basis of green finance targeted at MSMEs Link
Brochure 6 for MSMEs

Brochure on the HORTI-GREEN project participation to the World Environment day 2019 

Newsletter 3 Third newsletter of the HORTI-GREEN Project Link