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The action will be executed in 42 months through a multipronged approach based on 3 axes of action coupled with transversal activities to ensure an adequate visibility, management and monitoring of the action, as well as an efficient cooperation with the SWITCH Africa Green Network.

Result 1- Kenyan Horticultural Processing MSMEs engaged in resource-efficient production

  • Activity 1.1 - Sustainable Value Chain Analysis to identify environmental, economic and social hotspots of the horticultural processing industry and selection of best SCP practices to address the identified impacts.
  • Activity 1.2 - Provision of technical advisory services to MSMEs for the implementation of best SCP and assessment of the environmental, social & economic impacts of the implemented practices to elaborate a tool on successful SCP practices for resource-efficient production.
  • Activity 1.3 - Capacity building on the use of Environmental Management Systems (EMS) and certification of at least 50 MSMEs against ISO standards.

Result 2-Enabled business environment and enhanced access to finance for SCP-related investments

  • Activity 2.1 - Provide MSMEs with advisory services on green financing options and assistance for the development of Green Business Plans.
  • Activity 2.2 - Foster the development of support and incentive packages for sustainable MSMEs by conducting forums and roundtables with regional and local Kenyan authorities.
  • Activity 2.3 - Provide financial institutions with a capacity building workshop on SCP and organize meetings between MSMEs and financing institutions to present the Green Business Plans developed.

Result 3- Increased demand for sustainable processed horticultural products and the up-scaling and replication of successful SCP practices

  • Activity 3.1 - Creation of a panel of expert service providers’ on SCP by training business intermediaries and service providers on mechanisms to support environmental certification & SCP uptake by MSMEs.
  • Activity 3.2 - Replication workshop on SCP practices and Environmental Management Systems.
  • Activity 3.3 - Promote Public Private Partnerships and Voluntary Agreements between supply chain actors to increase the share of green products marketed through business match-making meetings and networking sessions.
  • Activity 3.4 - Marketing and consumer awareness raising campaigns to increase the demand for sustainable food products.