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SWITCH Africa Green is an EU funded programme launched in 2014 to support selected countries in Africa to achieve sustainable development by engaging in the transition towards an "inclusive green economy which generates growth, creates jobs and reduces poverty.

The programme is part of the broader EU SWITCH to Green initiative, which provides the framework to improve the coordination, visibility and overall impact of EU international cooperation on green economy.

During the first phase of the programme, SWITCH Africa Green awarded grants to a total of 34 projects (http://www.switchafricagreen.org/sag2/index.php/sag-projects). Policy support has also been channelled to government institutions, and networking activities have been initiated among all programme stakeholders.

The EU has recently allocated additional resources to implement a 2nd phase of SWITCH Africa Green.

The global objective of SWITCH Africa Green is to support the transformation towards an inclusive green economy which generates growth, creates jobs, and reduces poverty. Its specific objective is the adoption of SCP practices in the 7 participating countries (Kenya, Uganda, Ghana, Mauritius, Ethiopia, South Africa and Burkina Faso), based on 3 results aligned with the above components:

  • MSMEs and business service providers are better equipped to promote and adopt SCP practices and seize green economy opportunities
  • Policy institutions in target countries have strengthened capacities, awareness, policies and instruments to enable green business entrepreneurship and promote the shift to SCP patterns
  • Networking and sharing of experiences and lessons learnt on SCP policies, practices and actions amongst countries and programme stakeholders are strengthened.

For more information, visit the following website: http://switchafricagreen.org/